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Sounds of the City #1

"A steamy love story with memorable characters . . . As Sawyer and Kennedy’s attractions heat up, the author heightens the internal and external stakes for the characters, making for a page-turning read. Both Sawyer’s and Kennedy’s perspectives are laugh-out-loud funny . . ." -Kirkus Reviews

Sawyer Jackson, the NFL’s top tight end, can block, catch, and run a perfect route—straight into a willing lady’s sheets. But when he crosses paths with Broadway hopeful—and recently single—Kennedy Quinn at a destination wedding, he finds himself intrigued by the woman whose angelic voice cast a spell on him. Why else would he leave Puerto Rico with a new best friend and not another notch on his bedpost?

Three years later, Kennedy and Sawyer are closer than ever. Sawyer’s recent trade to the New York Cougars means they’ll finally live in the same city, and Kennedy dares to imagine a life with him beyond the constraints of platonic friendship. Unfortunately, Sawyer’s new quarterback is Kennedy’s cheating ex, but she’s over that now. Plus, she just signed with one of the top talent agents in the country, bringing her closer to her Broadway dreams.

But the bright lights of the city can hide people’s true intentions, and Sawyer and Kennedy will each need to learn that just because someone’s on your team doesn’t mean they’re on your side. With the terms of their relationship changing and with both of their dreams on the line, will Kennedy and Sawyer’s unconditional love be enough to overcome the challenges ahead?


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