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New & Unbroken


Everly Tancredi is a survivor. But just when she thought she’d freed herself from the demons of her abusive childhood, a new one finds her: Adam Shields, a famous NHL player who sweeps Everly off her feet and into a gilded cage of horrors.

After months of planning, Everly escapes New York City and heads for Louisiana, the first stop on her journey to reclaim her life. The last thing she expects to find is a man with the rare heart to love her exactly as she is—used and broken.

Christian Pellegrini has suffered his own kind of pain. Finally, four years after the tragedy that ended life as he knew it, he has found peace. When he runs into Everly, he feels drawn to her in ways he’s never felt before. He believes he’s ready to love again, but he realizes her dark past is full of secrets she must face before they can move forward. But until she learns to love herself, he vows to love her enough for both of them.

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