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Trust Me

Monsters of Boston #1



After the death of her husband, young mob princess Willa Callahan returns to her hometown of Boston, where another marriage awaits her. Her fiancé is Raphael Flynn, who’s just taken over the Flynn Syndicate—and the city. But just because Willa left Ireland doesn’t mean that the dangers she once faced have followed suit. Her soon-to-be family is teeming with secrets and betrayals—the kind that brought a vicious end to her charmed childhood and snuffed out her parents’ lives. Willa is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to them, come hell, high water, or the most terrifying enforcer Boston has ever seen—the man her father trained years ago.





Lucifer Flynn is cold, calculating, and without human emotion. He’s earned a wicked reputation through blood, sweat, and tears—other people’s, of course. As his brother’s right-hand man, Lucifer keeps the peace with breathtaking violence. But what he lacks in empathy he makes up for with ruthless devotion to his clan and an uncanny ability to analyze people and situations. He knows the naive Willa from his memory is no more. In her place is a beautiful but hardened woman who stirs something . . . unfamiliar within him. She’s up to something—and is clearly in over her head—but he must stay vigilant, for Raphael’s new reign has shaken up the power structure among the crime families, and new threats are emerging.


But sometimes the most dangerous people are the people you love. The ones you would give your life for . . .


Kindle & Paperback Coming March 13, 2024
Audiobook Coming May 2024

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